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Frequently Asked Questions

Evaulation Questions

  • Reach your profit target
  • Have consistent profits
    • No single trading day can be more than 30% of your overall profits
  • Don’t hit daily loss limit
  • Trailing drawdown is based on end of day balance (companies that do equity drawdown are not in your favor)

NinjaTrader and Tradovate. We will soon be adding Tradingview.

This is a person by person basis. We will allow compounding of accounts to people that have shown profitability. For example if you have a 50k account and have 60k, we have the option to increase your account to 110k and have your new drawdown by 100k.


There is NO mininum days to trade to request a payout. You just need to hit your profit target first. You need to leave yourself at least 1k buffer in the account (50k account needs to have 51k in it). We are not like other companies that want to wait 4 months to pay you out.


30% rule does still apply.

80% of profits go to the trader. This can be increased to 90% for select traders who have shown profitability

Only 2 ways to fail:

  1. You hit your EOD trailing drawdown (stops at account balance)
  2. You hit daily drawdown

You still get paid out if you are in the profit (this is not true for most other firms)

We want to find 7 figure traders. We will allow compounding and add additional capital when you have shown profitability. This is based on the request of the trader.

Interview Related Questions

If you are able to provide sufficient evidence that you are a profitable trader, then we will grant an interview to fund you without an evaluation. 

Things that won’t count as evidence

  • Other prop firm payouts
  • Screenshots of profits
  • Less than 1 year of profitable trading
  • Provide screenshot of a brokerage and profits.
  • Roughly explain your edge
  • How long you have been trading
  • What are you looking for in a prop firm (besides capital)